About Innovative World Solutions

Innovative World Solutions (IWS) was created to unharness creative ingenuity and leading edge strategies to support the discovery and creation of inspiring solutions to improve lives.

IWS’ revolutionary solutions transform businesses, to increase revenue and profitability while improving customer acquisition and retention, and the lives of employees and customers.

IWS was founded by Cindy Chambers, and Steven Frederickson, two established business executives with solid values, years of proven success, and a strong interest in creating ground-breaking solutions to improve lives. This creative and energizing leadership team inspires IWS to provide powerful solutions for businesses and individuals.

IWS is headquartered in Loudoun County, Virginia, where its creative solutions are strategically positioned for global impact

IWS has patents pending to revolutionize several large businesses and improve the lives of people on a national level. With several additional solutions and products underway, embracing technology and communications of the future, IWS is well positioned to transform businesses and lives for years to come.

With a leadership team of over 50 years combined proven expertise in creating and building leading-edge businesses and designing and creating progressive, state-of-the art products and services, IWS looks forward to becoming a strategic global innovator.